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Homeowners have long preferred the professional, dependable service that only LEP Roofing can offer and have made us the #1 roofing company for years in Atlanta (GA) the Midlands, Upstate, Rock Hill,Fort Mill South Carolina, and Charlotte (NC) .

As a customer of LEP Roofing, you will have access to an array of quality roof shingles and accessories, plus complete professional support. We want to be your roofing partner!

We are experts of the following:

  • Step 1Inspection
  • Step 2Negotiation
  • Step 3Complete Work

Upon arrival to your home our professional roofing inspector will begin to visually inspect the outside of the home. Locations of chimneys, dormers, flashing, and other components can play a part in the installation and/or repair of a roof.

Your roof inspector may, also, walk through the interior of your home taking note of any signs that roofing damage or poor installation have caused on the interior.

Your roof will, also, receive a closer examination by the inspector. Using a ladder or other available access, the inspector will closely examine the shingle type, valleys, overhangs, and any signs of prior repair.

If you have had damage to your roof due to storms, stress is inevitable. Dealing with insurance companies can only add to that stress. LEP Roofing is here to help. We are skilled at insurance negotiations.

After the inspection is complete a copy of the detailed analysis along with an estimate for repair will be given to your insurance company. Once your insurance company has completed their inspection and claim estimate, we will work with you to ensure minimal cost to you. We have years of experience dealing with insurance companies and are prepared to ensure your roof is back to prior quality or better.

At LEP Roofing, we understand that getting a new roof can be a large undertaking. However, we devote our time and efforts to the installation so that, with proper care, you may never have to replace your roof again!

Having your roof installed by quality professionals not only insures that your roof will last, but it may even improve the value of your home! We know you are investing your time and money, and we want to make sure your are satisfied with the completed work. If you ever have a problem with your roof after the installation is complete, we are always just a phone call away and eager to make sure you are pleased by the service you receive from LEP Roofing.